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Diran Video Productions company Islamabad

Thank you for stopping by at the Diran Productions blog. It has been a while since we have started this company under the existing umbrella of Centangle Interactive but lately our small team has been quite taken to formally welcome you.

We have been long associated with content creation and media production at Centangle but since the company principally deals in software, it was becoming a necessity to move the operations altogether under a new name. This was going to help simplify things for both our clients and the company as well. It’s starting to work already.

The name comes from the famous Diran Peak located in Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, I’ve spent most of my childhood seeing it everyday and there was no better way I could think of than to associate my passion for media production to this beautiful peak.

At Diran, we provide media production services ranging from creative strategy to video production to photography and even outsourcing. To make this happen, we have built a small team that is working out of the Centangle office here in Islamabad.

It’s the start of a long journey and we can’t wait for the existing things we are going to encounter. We hope to see you around in this journey.


Imran Hunzai
Imran Hunzai
I am a Digital Media professional currently working as a Creative Director at Diran Productions. I am also associated with Centangle Interactive as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

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