Our Process

At Diran Productions, our video production process is divided into four key phases. The first phase is pre-production where the project deliverable is defined. It also includes budgeting, creating a timeline of the project, scripting and talent acquisition. The second phase is production where the actual shooting of footage takes place. This could be either in-house or at a remote location. All footage required to achieve the end product are collected in this phase. The next step is post-production that takes in the studio. Our studio is located inside our office in Islamabad and is equipment with state-of-the art production machines. The final phase is deliver and optional distribution.


1. Concept & Research

The first phase of our process includes conceptualizing the theme of the message that is to be delivered and carrying out a detailed research that defines the message to be communicated.

2. Define Goals & Deliverables

The first phase of our process includes conceptualizing the theme of the message that is to be delivered and carrying out a detailed research that defines the message to be communicated.

3. Timeline & Budgeting

Creating an achievable timeline is an integral part of achieving the video production goals within the decided deadline. Budgeting is taken care of keeping in mind the deliverables.

4. Scripting & Planning

The final step of pre-production is to write a script and plan things like talent acquisition, location scouting, resource mobilization, permits, etc. The script will be developed in a way that matches the defined goals and deliverables. Meanwhile, our Project Manager will bring on board all required resources that are going to be part of the production as well as post-production processes.


1. Logistics, Crew & Talent

The crew and required talent travel to the scouted locations and mobilize local resources to carry out the shooting. This might include traveling to multiple locations depending on the script.

2. Shooting

This is where the actual video is recorded following the script. The Creative Director and the Project Manager make sure that the production phase goes smoothly as planned and have backup plans ready in case of a contingency.

Post Production

1. Video Editing

Once all footage is taken, post-production begins in the studio located inside our office. The footage selection is done based on the script. Things like background music, voice over, subtitles and color grading etc are carried out in this phase.

2. Quality Assurance

A team lead by the Creative Director goes through all aspects of the content developed during the post-production process to ensure the desired quality is being achieved.


1. Distribution

The final step is delivering the end product to the client either on a DVD or through a secure cloud platform. We also take care of the content distribution to the target audience on various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TV channels and even local cable network. The platform-specific video formats are developed during the post-production process.

2. Video SEO & Marketing

We understand that video SEO is quite important to rank your video for specific keywords in major search engines. We can not only help optimize your video to rank higher but can also executive a marketing plan to deliver your message to a wider audience across the globe.

Our Clients

Some amazing companies and organizations that we have worked for so far
  • USAID logo
  • AKAH Logo
  • Aga Khan Planning and Building Services - AKPBS logo
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
  • HelpAge International logo
  • COMSATS Internet Services (CIS)
  • DRI
  • Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE)
  • SkyElectric
  • Music Mela