Great photos leave a powerful impact on the viewers. May it is your personal photo shoots or photos for your brand, photos are an expressive medium. At Diran Productions we understand the importance of digital imagery. With over 16 billion images shared to date on Instagram and over 50million new images shared daily, we know the increasing trend of a photo.

At Diran Productions, we work closely with our clients to understand their marketing objectives and develop the creative strategy that set them apart. Our experts can conceptualize, design and build the environment you would like to have your product featured in. We are going to guide you so that your next photography project is a success. We will create a unique and personalized photography service that’s perfect for you.

Portrait Photography

In today’s social media world, pictures play an important role, these pictures are seen over and over again at different platforms for different purposes. You can trust our team of photographers who have the latest equipment and the knowledge to fulfill your requirements. We provide you full services of portrait photography • Portraiture on Location. • For All Businesses Types and Purposes. • personal portrait. • editorial portrait for publishing advertising and websites.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events are usually the best opportunities to communicate with your clients and extend your approach. We provide you services for a wide range of events, tradeshows, award ceremonies, company group photos, business headshots and corporate outings. Our experienced photographers understand the delicacies of corporate events working closely with event organizers and work with dedication to fulfill your requirements. You can trust us and we will make sure that your next event is stress-free and will take care of it so you can focus on other important things.

Wedding Photography

We understand you want everything perfect for your wedding day, and wedding photos last a lifetime. Our wedding photographers understand how to cover your big day’s events to preserve them forever. Our staff is well aware of the latest techniques and the latest tools to provide high-quality images for your big day. Our range of services covers the following: • Wedding Consultancy. • Coverage of Pre-Wedding ceremonies and functions. • Still and Video Photography. • Portraiture. • Candid photography.

Commercial Photography

Your photos create your first impression and are the first thing that your clients notice. We help you create the best impression on your clients. Our qualified team of photographers works and delivers the best quality photos which are according to the client’s needs. To make your photo shoot stand out we prefer on-site shoots which are different from the average studio shoots. The aspects we cover in commercial photography are product photography, press release photography, professional headshots and interior photography.

Fashion Photography

In order to stand out and make an impact, fashion photo shoots needs to be innovative and of high quality. It only takes an artist to understand the composition of lights, make-up to make the images aesthetically pleasing. Our qualified team of artists, professionals, and photographers will work with you collectively to deliver you the best end result according to your needs and demands. We will help you translate your imaginative approach into beautiful photographs using various environments, may it be indoor or outdoor.

Sports Photography

We provide on-site photography services around the country for sports. We cover the whole events from individual participants to overall aspects of the event. Our team of professional photographers will arrange the photos with league’s hectic schedule by providing high-quality individual and team portraits and posters. We have flexible coverage times and pricing packages to ensure ease for our clients.