At Diran Productions, we offer a wide range of services including video production, photography, 2D/3D animations, event coverage, corporate events, documentaries, live videos, brand videos, TVCs, social videos, explainer videos, video promos, feature films, music videos, visual effects, content development, infographics, sound design, branding, and advertising.

Creative Strategy

What makes Diran Productions distinct from other video production companies is the fact that production, starting from strategy to delivery are all handled in-house. This makes for a consistent and efficient workflow between the creative, strategy and production teams, with final delivery to the relevant media channels being instant and perfect.

Video Production

Videos prove to be the best medium to gain people’s attention and deliver your message. Creating videos that change people’s perspective and affects them means your content is powerful. Strategically planning your content while using creative techniques can make the communication between you and your audience strong.

Post Production

Post-production is actually the step where the video takes its form. We believe that the right adjustments and combinations can make your product shine among the crowd. At Diran Production we have invested in the latest equipment, tools, and artists who will create an end product that will suffice your requirements. Post-production is where our artists polish your video with striking effects creating a whole vibe uniquely.


Great photos leave a powerful impact on the viewers. May it is your personal photo shoots or photos for your brand, photos are an expressive medium. At Diran Productions we understand the importance of digital imagery. With over 16 billion images shared to date on Instagram and over 50 million new images shared daily, we know the increasing trend of a photo.

Digital Advertising

Diran Productions specializes in providing marketing solutions to various clients. From brand awareness to targeted campaigns and marketing solutions along with media buying and product promotion. We provide you premium marketing strategies in the market.


Do you want to outsource part of your project to a third party that could provide you with the best manpower and resources? At Diran Productions, we do work on outsourced projects in any vertical and can provide both manpower and resources that are crucial for the success of your project.