Production Services

Videos prove to be the best medium to gain people’s attention and deliver your message. Creating videos that change people’s perspective and affects them means your content is powerful. Strategically planning your content while using creative techniques can make the communication between you and your audience strong. We offer video production services in the following areas:


We at Diran Productions are ready to help you create an end product that will help you communicate your idea in an excellent visual medium. From your music requirements to the work that goes into your live events, Our team will develop your documentaries from scratch until the end, working with your consent in choosing and creating a powerful content and deliver everything from an initial concept to actual production and post, working closely with you to choose, create, and deliver elements that best tell your exciting story. We specialize in on-location and real-story interviewing. In this dynamic digital environment, we realize the demand for reality-based content it takes a great product to receive great attention, and we can provide you with meaningful content. Our production house is well equipped with creative artists and people having versatile talents. We can help you capture your ideas into reality. Our documentary services include: • Expository Documentaries • Personal Videos • Memorials & Life Celebrations • Live Events • Achievement & Personal Mission • Company or Organizational History • Weddings • Autobiography/ Biography

Corporate Videos

Diran Productions covers full corporate video production services including initial idea development, production till the process of post-production. With a massive amount of corporate video production, a well-formed video serves for more than just one purpose i.e. not just engaging your audience but also delivering a powerful content. Our qualified team of director of photography, video editors and animation experts work collectively to achieve the desired goals. We take pride in serving non-profit organizations, start-ups, small businesses or large corporations. We are a team of professionals who are customer focused while keeping the requirements and delivering the best quality product in form of corporate videos.

Brand Videos

We help your brand stand out amongst the crowd, our video marketing strategies not only help you promote your brand but also helps you get recognized and create an impact on your potential clients. We not only make a video but craft the plan for you to influence your audience. Your audience doesn’t watch the video but gets an impression by what is shown to them. Making brand videos is not just about a video creation but a series of steps to form a strategy to get fruitful results.

Video Promos

Videos are a powerful way to communicate your idea, which has become common indeed. In order to stand out from the bandwagon, your videos need to be creative and strike your audience. We, at Diran Production, assure you a distinctive idea for your promotional videos. We have the experts at our production house who carefully listen to what your idea is and work with your mutual concern for the creation of an engaging yet completing video promo designed exclusively for you.

Event Coverage

Our team specializes in the various implications and complexities of covering a live event and we will work with you to carefully plan and schedule the details. Being a full fledge production house, Diran Productions can cater all aspects of pre and post productions of the live events. With our specialized team, there is no chance of missing any aspect of your event. We provide you multiple options of interviews, time lapse, conferences, music concerts, workshops, fashion shows and trade shows.

Music Videos

Your music should be exhibited in a sheen and broadcast ready way. At Diran Productions we provide you with high-quality Music videos for emerging artists new bands along with the renowned ones. By using the latest equipment, we cover all the aspects of pre and post production to make your experience delightful with us. We cover a wide range of genres and styles, may it be folk or jazz.

BTS Videos

We are aware of the fact that most of the actions take place behind the camera and not on camera, and for that, we are here to capture all your behind-the-camera events for you. Besides covering behind the camera moments a BTS video also serves to engage the customers and is a creative approach to reach out to your customers. We provide you the services of covering BTS videos and its pre and post-production aspects.


In order to promote your brand/business/idea, visual medium is considered to be the best option in capturing the attention of your target audience. We assure you to deliver a TVC which will not just convey your message but leave an impact on your customers. We believe that the TVC should be created in such a way that it grasps the attention of the viewer and is informative in nature. A good TVC adds up to brand’s name and reputation. We assure you to deliver a quality product with commitment and professionalism which will meet the requirements provided by you.

Live Videos

Live event coverage requires an infinite number of carefully coordinated details, from lightning to camera positioning and other adjustments. At Diran Productions we provide you on-site live video services with no fuss at all. You can totally depend on our qualified team to understand your needs and vision and give you the best possible outcome. We assure you the best quality from the initial step of recording till post production services.

Social Media Videos

Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily and an estimate of 30 million plus users visit YouTube daily. Social Media is the best platform to expand your idea and let it be heard and known. We at Diran Production understand how to make your content “socially acceptable”, literally. Videos serve as a best visual medium to convey your idea. We, along with our team of writers, bloggers, vloggers, and editors are ready to help you form the best content which is ready to make its way on social media.

Training videos

Training can be dull and boring but it is very important to let the people know your point. Creating informative videos that can motivate the audience without getting them distracted is a tricky thing. We provide you with full-fledge professionally compelling training videos with assurance of maximum engagement of the audience. After knowing your requirements we will do a survey to be able to yield an end product that is beneficial to you in a longer run. We cover a wide range from retail training, sales training, and workforce management to corporate training videos.

Feature Films

At Diran Productions we offer you quality assured feature films and that will serve as perfect content to grow and expand your ideas. Our professional team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handles projects of every intensity and genre, from single-camera shoots to multi-camera, we have it all covered and that too in multiple locations around the country. We approach all the projects with full dedication no matter what the budget or size is.

Stop Motion

If you are a brand with social presence, stop motion is an essential element to improve your brand visibility. At Diran Productions, we can help you from conceptualization to delivery of a perfect stop motion campaign for your brand.