Production Services

Post-production is actually the step where the video takes its form. We believe that the right adjustments and combinations can make your product shine among the crowd. At Diran Production we have invested in the latest equipment, tools, and artists who will create an end product that will suffice your requirements. Post-production is where our artists polish your video with striking effects creating a whole vibe uniquely.

From the initial stages of video making, to sound design, editing and visual effects our team will work together to add a greater meaning and emotions to your content.

Video Editing

Let us edit your videos in a distinguished way.Apart from video production Diran Productions offers you the services of video editing solely as well. We choose the best professional editors for your content who will work mutually with your consent. We make sure that your data is safe and secure with us. We add copyright free music, visual effects and motion graphics to your content to bring life to it. We have a wide range of video editing services, please contact us if you want to start a custom project.

2D/3D Animations

Adding animations to your videos can make it visually appealing and engaging. We provide video animation services to enhance the impact of your video content. Our creative digital marketing strategies comprise of 2D/3D animations to make the communication between you and your client more interactive. Animated videos are not only entertaining to watch but make it easier to explain products, concepts or processes. Moreover, they communicate the message quickly and efficiently. Our qualified team will turn your imaginations into a reality by adding visual effects using 2D/3D animations.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can cater in producing compelling videos, it is an essential part in creating a visually appealing content. It adds up in a video to increase the interest and engagement of the viewers. High-quality motion graphics enhance the video and increases the potential to understand and grasp the concept of your video. We at Diran Productions provide you the services of motion graphics to add sophisticated depths to your content.

Visual Effects

We offer 3D Animation, Motion Graphics & Compositing services to provide captivating imagery. We shoot, edit and deliver our clients with HD high-end 3d animations. Our Post-production services include Visual Effects, which is a must for getting the viewer's attention, especially for short-form productions. We work along the consent of our clients and brainstorm collectively to better understand the requirements of our clients. Visual effects increase the imaginative prospects of storytelling. Adding visual effects like matte painting or simulation adds more reality to the scene and enhances the impact.

Sound Design

The aura of a film is created by its audio. Sound design plays a vital role in the end result of your video. We focus on creating a quality sound design for TVCs, feature films, and other independent videos. Good audio design can create a long-lasting impact of your video. Our sound design services include: • Special effects sound editing • Voice-overs • Music Production • Stereo & 5.1 surround mixing • Recording • Sync sound recording on location for film • Track laying • Music mixing • Dialogue clean ups • Game Sound